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Guests at high-end hotels has always appreciated a great concierge in the lobby, that look after them and make sure the stay is to their absolute liking.

But what about having a personal concierge that already knows your preferences and make sure the whole trip is to your liking? This was what I was dreaming of while I for years were making guests happy as executive concierge at several high-end hotels.

I have now turned this dream into reality. Here at By Andreas Dahlstrom, our focus is to make sure our clients are happy by offering an expanded approach to personal executive concierge services. For you as a customer this means that your personal help is there when you need it, not only at your stay but all the way through your trip.

I always make sure to stay on top of all the goodies in Stockholm, so we are ready to tailor the best possible experience for you. All our partners are handpicked by me to make sure you always have the best jets, hotels, restaurants, experiences, masseuses, doctors etc. ready for you. 

Together with all our partners, I welcome you to my Stockholm! 


Andreas Dahlström


Thank you! Looking forward to sharing executive tips with you.

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